About Lendingblock

Our mission is to create the market and financial infrastructure for securities lending in crypto capital markets, enabling and encouraging the borrowing and lending of crypto assets. In conventional markets this is a multi billion dollar business which has no equivalent today in the blockchain economy.

Lendingblock was founded in 2017 by a team of financial markets practitioners and entrepreneurs who recognised that the growth in the size of crypto assets was not matched by the maturity of financial infrastructure that would allow the market to reach its full potential as an asset class. In particular, the lack of an institutional platform for borrowing and lending means the ability for borrowers to execute trading strategies, hedge, or access working capital is severely limited, and for lenders there is no safe way to earn incremental interest income on long term static investments. Lendingblock is filling this a significant gap by adapting traditional securities lending capabilities to the dynamic, distributed cryptographic asset environment.

At Lendingblock, we recognise that the willingness to step up and create something new can yield not only financial reward, but a sense of excitement and satisfaction that is difficult to find in more established industries. We try to promote a culture that is in keeping with this ethos. We're united by belief in what we're doing, teamwork, the value of innovation, and the boldness to have a go and develop something new and great.

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